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Know duties of wife and husband towards each other from ‘Vedas’…!!

Duties of Wife and husband towards each other (from Vedas)

————————-Wife’s Duties—————————

(1) AtharvaVeda 1/14/1 – A good wife should establish herself permanently in her husband’s house just as mountain firmly establishes itself on ground.

(2) AtharvaVeda 3/25/1- Wife should long to be in company of her husband.

(3) AtharvaVeda 3/25/5- wife should be attracted towards the loving attitude of her husband and should always remain sincere to her husband.

(4) AtharvaVeda 3/25/6 – wife should discover so much love and affection in her husband’s house that she should not remember her parent’s house at all.

(5) AtharvaVeda 3/30/2 – wife should conduct herself sweetly towards her husband.

(6) AtharvaVeda 4/38/1 – main qualities of wife:
(a) Should have conquered sensuality
(b) hardworking
(c) possessing best behavior
(d) striving to maintain home in best way.

(7) AtharvaVeda 4/38/2 –
(a) Preserves and increases husband’s money
(b) Spends portion of husband’s earnings on Yajya.
(c) She is always working hard.

Hinduism, Hindu religion, hindu dharm, Hindu Marriage, Vedic Marriage

(8) AtharvaVeda 4/38/3-
(a) She does all household jobs with zeal and enthusiasm.
(b) Elevates the house in a very mature way.
(c) Ensures that there is no shortage of milk and milk products in the house.
(d) Conserves the household earnings.

(9) AtharvaVeda 4/38/4-
(a) She remains happy
(b) Does not get effected by sorrows and anger
(c) Makes every one happy with her good behavior.

(10) AtharvaVeda 4/38/5-
(a) Toils hard from sunrise to sunset.
(b) Does her work in the light of sun and does not confine herself to dark rooms devoid of sunlight.

(11) AtharvaVeda 6/8/1 – wife should be dependent on husband just as a creeper completely depends on the tree.

(12) AtharvaVeda 6/8/3 -wife should never even think about separating from her husband.

13) AtharvaVeda 7/47/2- wife should remain healthy, possess expertise in household jobs, should be God fearing and remember God’s name and possessing divine qualities.

———————-Duties of husband—————————

(1) AtharvaVeda 1/34/5 – the sweet and loving behavior of husband should make the wife to inculcate love and affection towards him.

(2) AtharvaVeda 2/30/4 – husband should not hide anything from the wife. In this way he shall win over her heart.

(3) AtharvaVeda 5/25/6- he should lead a disciplined, pious life.

(4) AtharvaVeda 6/9/2 – husband should try to win over his wife with his love.

(5) AtharvaVeda 6/81/1 – husband should lead a disciplined life and should be capable of earning money to sustain his married life.

(6) AtharvaVeda 6/89/1 – husband should respect his wife and consider his duty to protect the honour of his life.

————————-Common duties———————————

Hindu Marriage, Vedic Marriage

1). Husband and wife should share everything in common. This sharing leads to their long life- AtharvaVeda mantra 2/30/2

2). AtharvaVeda 6/11/1- wife should possess serene/calm nature and husband should be hard working, possessing strong body. This leads to generation of brave children.

3). AtharvaVeda 6/42/1- husband and wife should be completely devoid of anger and should work together to accomplish house hold tasks.

4). AtharvaVeda 6/89/2- there should be perfect compatibility between husband and wife.

5). AtharvaVeda 6/36/1- husband–wife should loving gaze at each other and their faces should reflect happiness.

6). AtharvaVeda 7/37/1- husband should never think about females other than his wives and wife should dress up decently and sensibly covering all body parts.

7). AtharvaVeda 7/38/1 – wife should firmly hold that she shall never be away from her husband’s house and this firm conviction prevent the husband from being attracted towards other females.

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