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Sandeshkhali Bengal: TMC people enter the house and like our girls, keep girls with them till their lust”s content

SHOCKING: Trinamool Congress Leaders Accused of Sexual Assault in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal

News Source: AsiaNet News Hindi

Outrage and Allegations: Trinamool Congress Under Fire

In a startling revelation from Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, allegations of sexual assault against women by leaders and activists of the Trinamool Congress have emerged. Women have come forward accusing members of the Trinamool Congress of intruding into their homes, targeting daughters and daughters-in-law, and subjecting them to assault over several days.

Protest Against Tyranny: Women Speak Up

Taking to the streets, women have raised their voices against the atrocities perpetrated by individuals associated with the Trinamool Congress. Videos of these women narrating their ordeals have gone viral, shedding light on the egregious acts committed against them. One woman in a video recounted, “Members of the party (Trinamool) visit our homes. They scrutinize to see whose wife or daughter is young and beautiful. They then take the woman to their party office. She’s kept there for several nights until they’re satisfied.”

Allegations and Demands: Sheikh Shahjahan at the Center

In this case, local TMC leader and district council member Sheikh Shahjahan has been identified as the main accused, with demands for his arrest echoing from the affected women. Notably, Sheikh Shahjahan was previously implicated in an attack on an Enforcement Directorate team during a raid at his premises. In addition to accusations of land grabbing, women have leveled charges of assault against him.

Unraveling Sandeshkhali: A Closer Look

Situated in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, Sandeshkhali is an island within the Sundarbans region. Its proximity to the Bangladesh border renders access to the island possible only via boats. Opposition leader from West Bengal’s BJP, Swapan Adhikari, expressed concerns on social media, stating, “Sheikh Shahjahan and his cohorts have established a reign of terror in Sandeshkhali. The dignity of women from SC and ST communities is being trampled upon. They have encroached upon significant portions of land belonging to indigenous tribes and tribals.”

Women’s Resistance: Pushing Back Against Injustice

The women of Sandeshkhali have staged protests against TMC leader Shahjahan and his associates, accusing them of sexual exploitation. In a video circulating online, a protesting woman revealed how TMC members would pick a woman of their liking and forcibly take her to their office, disregarding her marital status.

Social Media Amplification and Support

This issue has gained traction on social media platforms, with users amplifying the voices of the affected women and demanding justice. One Twitter post showcased the harrowing experience of a woman who alleged police intrusion into her home in the wee hours, detailing abuse and attempted molestation, along with the humiliation of her family.

As the voices of these brave women reverberate, it is imperative for authorities to swiftly investigate the matter and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable, reaffirming the principles of justice and safety for all.

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